Showing property in June by appointment only – call 604.251.6337 to view

Spring visitorI was at Monkey Valley with my family recently, getting everything up and running after the winter. We saw a friendly spring visitor down by the creek! What a rare and special treat this was, to watch safely from the kitchen window (where I was standing when I took this picture) as this furry fellow ambled along eating the tender spring grass down by the creek. My nephew showed me how to add this picture as the background on my new iPhone! Which incidentally kept me connected to phone, text messages, and email while I was at Monkey Valley. Plus I was able to search the web via Google, of course! Alex also showed me a hilarious game called Plumber Crack, involving dropping ice cubes you-know-where!

It was a great family trip, with plenty of time for work and play. Kim, Alex, and I dug a hole to expose the septic tank clean-out aperture, and managed to finish before the Nicola Bay Septic truck arrived. As I’ve mentioned before on this site, there is nothing so satisfying as digging a hole with shovel and pick-axe! Freddie of Nicola Bay Septic did a great job on the clean-out. And very reasonable prices, too. Meanwhile Geoff was bucking up a few trees that had come down over the winter. And in the evening, spaghetti dinner, Scrabble, and we all dozed off while watching Skyfall!Monkey Valley Thompson-Nicola

I will be showing the property to interested buyers in June. Please call me at 604.251.6337 to arrange an appointment to view the property. I will email you a map with detailed directions.

To get a rough idea of the location, type “Monkey Valley, Thompson-Nicola” in Google Maps. The wiggly lake below the map pin is Missezula Lake. The creek it’s on is Shrimpton Creek.

I am showing this property by appointment only. No surprise visitors, please. I will be happy to arrange a viewing time that is convenient for you.