Monkey Valley’s new owners

Garry & ValI am very happy to announce that I sold Monkey Valley to a wonderful couple who truly love the land and home. Val and Garry first saw the place in June, but it has taken a few months for all the details to be finalized. They moved to Monkey Valley last week, and I am happy to say they have running water! 🙂

I would like to thank all the wonderful people who came to Monkey Valley and dreamed it might be their home or wilderness getaway. I hope you all find the right land for you.

This sale is the fruition of 5 years of effort, as I first listed the property in 2009. It was worth the time to find such wonderful people who truly value and connect with the land. I know it is in good hands, and they will take great care of it, while being nourished by it and having lots of fun!

MV fluff - lightly heldI would also like to thank the various realtors who assisted with attempting to sell the property. I learned a lot from you, and appreciate your advice along the way. And, you will notice, I sold it. LOL. Had to say that.

But I did learn a lot and go through many annoying growth opportunities during the process of selling Monkey Valley. I don’t know if I have actually learned to be patient yet. But I hope I will learn something from Garry about how to take things in stride, go with the flow, and enjoy every moment. And I hope to learn from Val about how to take delight in the amazing beauty of this world we live in.

I am heading off for a vision fast in California, to spend some time absorbing this big change and contemplating what comes next for me. I anticipate that I will now resume writing a blog on this site, and it won’t need to be about selling Monkey Valley! Whoopee!!

Thanks also to all the people who have had good wishes for me and Monkey Valley regarding the sale. I am sure all of that good energy also helped to make it happen.

All my best wishes to Val and Garry as they begin this chapter of their lives. If you’d like, please join me in adding your good wishes too, dear readers.