Winter solstice blessings

Vancouver snowTurning now to winter time in Vancouver, and the turning of the year and the planet, let’s take a look at the splendid Vancouver beauty after our second snowfall of the winter. Oh, actually, they were both in the fall! For today is the first day of winter! But the snow doesn’t care about the date. And it has covered Vancouver in a soft white blanket. Too bad it will be all gone by Christmas! So often the way here in Vancouver!

I will be heading up to William’s Lake for Christmas, so I will get to enjoy a white Christmas anyway. And it is truly a miracle, but I have already purchased and wrapped all the little gifties that Santa’s going to bring on my behalf this year. Sweet!

PrezziesAs I look at the year behind, it was a year of many gifts and blessings. I sold Monkey Valley, which was a tremendous blessing, especially because it brought so many wonders to the new owners, and they are caring for the land so beautifully. I also had many career blessings, with five wonderful clients, and three of them repeat clients!! That is an abundance of joy! And a lot of hard work, too… But I did manage to take two months off, and go on the vision fast. As well as two Diamond Approach retreats, and my Vancouver DA group met 3 times. I had my share of struggles and painful learnings this year as well, including the fight with Treo. In the end they gave me four free toll crossings! The year concludes with a feeling of connecting to my people around the world with a clear golden light, while held in the velvety black mystery, so strong at this time of year.

May all beings be happy on this winter solstice. And special blessings to our dear earth.