2014 writing and programs at BC Wilderness Visions

Karen & DonnetteWith the sale of Monkey Valley in 2013, I have contemplated what to do about this blog and the nature programs I like to offer, such as the vision fast, medicine walk, yoga in nature, and other ideas that are percolating in my mind.

This year I will offer my favourite do-it-yourself type of nature program, the medicine walk, with a teaching on the nature psychology of four directions. I am excited to be offering this program again. The 2011 day trip to the North Shore mountains was a day I still remember with gladness. I hope that you will decide to join me on this year’s adventure! See the Programs page for details.

Greatest writing book of all time!I love writing for this blog. Perhaps it’s selfish of me, because it’s like a Natalie Goldberg Writing Down the Bones homework assignment. I just write what I feel like writing, when I feel like it. I don’t pay too much attention to grammar, given the informal nature of this genre, though I do like to make sure the spelling is right! One or two of the serial stories I’ve written here have been published in other places. And even some of the photos. So it’s a fertile ground for a writer. But mostly it’s just fun.

Now and then a reader discovers the site and enjoys browsing through some of the bizarre things I’ve written over the years. And once in a while what I’ve written strikes a chord and provides support on someone’s journey through life. That is what really makes this blog worthwhile. Like the recent comment from Hannah about her spiritual experience with cougars.

So I guess I’ll just keep writing about whatever strikes my fancy, loosely following the theme of nature spirituality. Stay tuned!