Are you ready to connect with your wild nature?

Wild natureOn June 21 I will be guiding another medicine walk excursion in North Vancouver. The medicine walk is a way to connect with nature, and especially the wildness and beauty of your own inner nature. I will be teaching the nature psychology of the four directions, and then people will have the chance for a 2-hour solo walk to find out for themselves how this ancient teaching can connect them with their inner guidance and the guidance that nature offers us.

Do you have a burning question about your life, your purpose, your soul? Are you seeking guidance, and ready to look within? If so, I invite you to join with a few other explorers on a day-trip to discovery. June 21 is the summer solstice, and the energy of the universe will be adding to the powerful energy of the beautiful spot in nature where we will be walking. See the Programs page for more information.


Seymour summer solsticeJune 21 was a gorgeous day on the west coast. My friend Marvin and I hiked 16 KM along the Seymour River. We didn’t follow the strict format of the medicine walk, but did spend some time in contemplation as we rested by the water. He taught me how to say “moss-covered stones” in Esperanto: musko kovrita stono. Sounds pretty Russian to me! The cool water flowing over the musko kovrita stono was serene and refreshing. The green of the forest was a soothing balm for my soul. Spending time in nature was a wonderful way to mark the turning of the seasons. It heralded a new way of being in the world for me—more at ease, taking time to enjoy the pleasure of my friends’ company and the beauty of the natural world. While I didn’t consciously bring a question as on a traditional medicine walk, the spontaneous unfolding of insight occurred nonetheless. Life can be gentle and flowing, like the river on the first day of summer. Perhaps that can be my default position, rather than the frozen stillness of winter or the turbulence of the spring run-off. We’ll see!

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  • The School of Lost The beaver in the middle of this photo is a small creature who loves the waterBorders, founded by Steven Foster and Meredith Little, has been developing, teaching, and guiding questers in contemporary rites of passage ceremonies for over 30 years.
  • The Wilderness Guides Council is a professional organization for wilderness guides that promotes the health of wilderness ecosystems and is committed to reintroducing meaningful rites of passage to modern culture.
  • Wilderness Reflections offers wilderness quests in California and Utah.

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  • One busy winter she chewed down the small trees in the foreground...Fran Weinbaum has been guiding vision quests in Vermont since 1995 and uses this ceremony to strengthen community bonds. Her web site provides info about the contemporary vision quest.
  • David Johnson is a Buddhist and ecopsychologist. In his web site he reflects on Buddhism, ecospirituality, ecopsychology, and coping with despair in the face of environmental damage and the impending peaking of oil production.
  • John Harper is a web guy and spiritual adventurer. He’s an old friend from the Diamond Approach, and set up this site and blog. Thanks, John!
  • Karen Rempel is the author, designer, and illustrator of this site. She is a technical writer and she can help you with your website too, whether you need someone to write new content or to edit and refresh your existing site materials.

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