Love for Sale

Nostalgia - Shadow Play art for sale
Nostalgia – the crowd favourite at the exhibit. Psyche was a close second.

When I contemplated taking the step of offering my artwork for sale online, Ella Fitzgerald’s version of Love for Sale came into my mind. Hence this post’s title. However, the two are not so far apart, as creating art is an expression of my heart that has a component of love in it, whatever else might be part of the stew.

Now that I’ve had my first exhibit, the next logical step seems to be to offer my work for sale to a broader audience. So it’s official. If you saw the video and liked the creative inspiration that arose from my photo series Shadow Play, I invite you to send me some money and make one or more of these images your own.

Since the series is about playing with an image and seeing its different moods, most people found it hard to pick just one that they liked the best. So I am going to offer variable pricing based on the number of pieces you select:

  • One shadow play: $99
  • Bliss: $59*
  • Two shadow plays: $149
  • Three shadows playing: $219
  • Five: $359
  • All 14 shadows: $879

You will receive the artwork printed on glossy photo stock, 8.5×11.

To expedite shipping, I will mail the pieces unframed and ready for mounting. I’ve adjusted the prices accordingly. I suggest using a 10×13 frame, but you can do whatever you like with the piece once it’s in your hands!

Contact me if you’d like to put my shadows on your wall.

P.S. The grand-daddy print, 7 ft x 9 ft, ink on canvas, is $1,900.

* Because everyone deserves bliss!

Shadow Play, ink on canvas, 7' x 9'
This grand-daddy version of the image is the original uncropped version. There are details at the left and right sides that I cropped for the miniature series. Jon is not included!