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This website and blog has morphed and changed over the years.  From Monkey Valley Retreat Centre to BC Wilderness Visions, to Wild Visions, the name still reflects the vision of a wild, spirited woman from BC!

The website is now a place where I share my photography and writing. Karen’s words and pictures, you could say. And while I am inspired by many sources, both urban and wild, it is the inner wildness in us all that interests me the most.

Past Incarnations


Retreat centre  I used to own a place in the wilderness where I held retreats, and I created this site as a place for people to learn about practices that help us reconnect with nature, both outer and inner. In the past, I offered programs to support this process of reconnection, focusing on earth-based spiritual practices such as vision fast retreats, medicine walks, and workshops on yoga and nature.

Program guide  I was a vision fast guide trained by the School of Lost Borders. I taught the medicine walk and the nature psychology of the four directions, and have been a student of the Diamond Approach for many years. I was a registered yoga teacher and a member of the Wilderness Guides Council. I guided and taught some of the programs offered by BC Wilderness Visions, sometimes with the help of friends.


Personal blog  I am also a writer, and I have really loved writing the entries on this blog since 2008! I hope that my readers have had as much enjoyment as I have had. Lots of the early blog entries were about my adventures on the land in and around Monkey Valley. But after a while the scope broadened to include all the kinds of things I learned about while I got my master’s in ecopsychology from Naropa University. Mostly, as a writer who earns her living by technical writing, this blog is a place for me to have fun with my writing and photography. Since selling my land and moving back to Vancouver, the topics expanded to include events in the city as well.

Topics on this website

  • Art, video, photography
  • New York
  • Vision fasts
  • Medicine wheels and walks
  • Nature psychology of the four directions
  • Running and yoga
  • Vancouver
  • Environmental issues

Other ways to find information on this site

In the medicine wheel
In the medicine wheel

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Other resources

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