Bandit: more about the dog from Missezula Lake

Bandit at Monkey ValleyA while back I told you the story of the New Year’s Eve visitor who resembled a wolf, and scared my friend Dorrie as she was sitting on the porch one evening. I recently went through some boxes and found a picture of the dog, and a thank-you card from his owners.

The dog’s name is Bandit. His people are named Chuck and Pat Krastel, and they all live in the community at the east end of Missezula Lake. Bandit is a favourite friend in the community, welcome at many homes. When he was missing, lots of his friends called Chuck and Pat to ask if they’d found him yet. He also has some kitty friends, Dancer (shown here), and Chico. It’s amazing how the feline and canine species can get along!Bandit and Dancer

Missezula Lake is about a mile south of Monkey Valley. Shrimpton Creek flows down into the lake, and I’ve followed the creek down to the lake a few times with friends. The way is tangled with fallen trees in places, but it’s a fun outing to hike down to the lake for a skinny dip!

There’s a campground at the west end of the lake, and a few fishing cabins along the north shore, and then the Missezula Lake community over at the east end. It’s a popular community, fully serviced, with year-round residences and cottages.

Bandit doesn’t really look like a wolf, but remember it was dark when we first saw him. He was an emissary of love, who still reveals to me that part of my heart that is longing for the universe to bring me someone to love. Someone black and white and furry!

2 thoughts on “Bandit: more about the dog from Missezula Lake”

  1. How is Dorie?

    Let me see if I have this straight – you are wanting to run with the wolves, hibernate with the grizzlies, and feed with the cougars – do I have it right?

  2. run with wolves – check
    hibernate with grizzlies – check
    feed with cougars – negative! I’m strictly vegetarian. Maybe mate with cougars… (!) or humans with cougar-like energy.

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