BC Wilderness Visions – renewal and revisioning

With the possibility of selling Monkey Valley later this year, I have been Missezula Lake in the beautiful BC interiorrevisioning the way I will offer vision fasts retreats. I have a retreat planned for August 8 – 14, 2010. If Monkey Valley is no longer mine, the retreat will take place in the wilderness south of the property, near Missezula Lake, in a very sacred place I discovered on a medicine walk long ago.

Part of the revisioning process involves renaming this web site to BC Wilderness Visions. Currently I am running full content under www.bcwildernessvisions.com and www.bcwildernessvisions.com. But soon I will be switching to the new site exclusively, with a redirect from the old site. So please bookmark www.bcwildernessvisions.com and access the site through this new address.

One of the things I’d like to do now that I’m spending more time in Vancouver is to offer some workshops locally, probably in the North Shore mountains, to give people a chance to experience wilderness work closer to home. Stay tuned to this site for details, and please let me know if you have a particular area of ritual, self-generated ceremony, or other nature work that you’d like to explore in a workshop.

The purpose of this web site is to provide information and resources to help you decide whether a vision fast is right for you. Here are some links to great topics on this subject:

BC Wilderness VisionsI also blog about stuff that interests me, for my own amusement, hopefully to entertain you(!), and as an opportunity to share my learning with you as life unfolds. This also allows you to get a sense of who I am to decide if you will want to do a vision fast or other wilderness work with me. For the next while, I will be writing a lot about running as I prepare for the Vancouver 2010 marathon. I will also continue to write about the vision fast ceremony, sharing stories of some of the vision fasts I have gone on. Please feel free to comment on the stories or to contact me if you have questions about doing a vision fast.