Clinging to summer

Pink PearlLabour Day is over. It’s September. There’s no denying that summer is over, even though the sun is still bright. The wheel is turning around to the west, to the harvest, and the dying time of the fall. As a Scorpio born in late October, I always relish the coming of the fall. Maybe it’s memories of back to school and new school clothes and the smell of pink erasers. I keep one in a drawer just so I can smell it now and then. Remember those back to school days, with yellow pencils and maybe even a new set of coloured pencil crayons?

But if you’d like a little while longer to cling to the long days of August, here is a summary of the postings that describe August days at Monkey Valley. I invite you to stroll through the long grasses of the meadow, and hear the call of the red-shafted flicker once more…

17 thoughts on “Clinging to summer”

  1. Karen, your website is a delightful read. Not only does it sound and look like a natural paradise, but you so smartly and endearingly describe it. I think it is very gracious of you to want to share it with others in a context that that can bring meaning and insight into their lives. I’m looking forward to reading more about your adventures in Monkey Valley- and hopefully one day having my own adventure there!

  2. Reading your blog brings me right back to Monkey Valley and sleeping under that big cosmo blanket of starry night — its fun to read how your summer progressed after the August vision fast. As your co-guide, I have a deepened sense of value for the radically transforming act of collaboration. WOW is it rewarding! Karen, our journey with this work is helping me shift my perception of self and deepening my understanding and love for our most generous Mother Earth. Many, many blessings to you for all you do to inspire others and teach by example how to sustainably live with the land. XOXOXO

  3. Dear Kim A,

    Collaboration is as much an adventure as going on a vision fast! You never know what will happen. The unexpected is one of the gifts you brought to this feast. I hope you come back soon to sleep under the starry blanket once more.


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