Fried and fit to be tied

Beautifully mounted Yagi antenna; outlet pipe behind itWell, before I even had a chance to text the picture of the new antenna from my cell phone to my email, the new power adapter was fried. Dang!

All that “Searching for service” was for naught, since the power adapter had fried after less than a day of receiving phone calls. What gives around here?!

Positive thoughts about not being able to receive phone calls in the house at Monkey Valley:

  • It gives me a reason to take the phone with me on runs, where I get reception at the higher elevation, and talk to friends while I’m running. Makes the hour go by more quickly.
  • It makes me be more intentional about when I use the phone. I have to really need to use it to go to the trouble of going up on the roof.
  • It means my day is not constantly interrupted by phone calls, and I choose when to collect messages and return calls, preserving the retreat-like atmosphere.
  • It means I don’t waste time talking on the phone, and get more done.
  • It helps me with that Greta Garbo “I vant to be alone” thing.

Ah well, it was good while it lasted. Kind of like relationships with men. I guess I need to take a¬†look at my object relationship with my phone! I can’t get no satisfaction! Sounds like the frustrating object relation to me.

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