Hunters crawled under the fence

Cowboys, dogs, and dirtbikers: unexpected visitors to Monkey Valley

As remote as it is, you might be Stop killing the deersurprised to hear the unexpected visitors I’ve had at Monkey Valley. One time I was coming back from a run to the 5 KM marker—a favourite out-and-back route that takes about 45 minutes—and found two men in hunters’ gear on the wrong side of the fence at the top gate. They were standing behind the signs that said No Hunting and No Trespassing. Luckily I was feeling strong and confident with all the blood charging around my body from the run, so I grilled them, beginning with:

“Can you read?”

They claimed they could, but gave a lame excuse about wanting to look at the valley. One man tried to charm me by saying “It’s beautiful land you’ve got here.”

One had a bow and arrow and wanted to shoot a deer. The other one had a gun in case a bear came across them while the other one was shooting at deer. It turns out they were from Vancouver. Living out some kind of woodsman fantasy about hunting with a bow and arrow.

I made them crawl back under the fence on their bellies.

This is the place for a discussion of grown men shooting defenceless animals. Why do they want to do this? When I see the rows of hunting magazines in the grocery store in Merritt it makes me feel sick. All the covers have pictures of men standing smiling over the corpses of the animals they’ve killed. What is wrong with people?

I think all hunting of wild animals should be banned, except in the cases of people who have a hunting-gathering lifestyle and this is how they feed their families. And how many hunter-gatherers do you know? Probably NONE. Men from the cities, towns, and ranches who come into the wilderness to kill something to make themselves feel manly should just get over themselves and go see a therapist. The time for hunting is long over.

6 thoughts on “Hunters crawled under the fence”

  1. No man in his right mind would trespass on your property if he knew you! Of course, you being unarmed keeps the body count down.

    When I was in Park City, Utah, I called the Sheriff on two bow hunters that we’re hunting in my neighborhood!

    If hunting “wild” things wasn’t such a necessity for the planet’s survival, I might think they were all just power-tripping assholes.

  2. I have a couple of electric cattle prods that could cause some discomfort!

    Wow, bow hunters in your suburban neighbourhood.

    Can you say more about why “hunting wild things is a necessity for the planet’s survival”?

  3. I’ve really enjoyed reading your posts. Cowboys, wolf-like dogs, creepy crawly hunters, recipes, and medicine wheels- what’s next!? Thanks for the entertaining read.

  4. Running in the woods at night?! That does sound wild!!! I think I’d rather run down East Hastings at midnight though the odds are probably better that I’d survive the wood run. That screaming chicken would have finished me off.

  5. Yeah, East Hastings can be pretty wild at midnight! And you may hear your share of screaming chickens if you go past the chicken processing plant that’s down there. 🙁

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