My art exhibit in August 2015 was the culmination of many years of work and play, and I never would have dreamed it could result in having my own show. Now I am offering my photography for sale.

Photo collections


In the beginning

Back in 1990 and 1991, when I was exploring career options (to transition from accounting into another field), I took a few interesting courses at BCIT. These included journalism, cartooning, detecting, and photography. My dad was an ardent photographer, and took thousands of photographs when I was growing up. I inherited his Canon TX and lenses, and this was the camera I used for the photography course and for another two decades. He had already been using it since the 1970s! Now that’s quality. It is now 40 years old and still works. The biggest problems are caused by user error. I still remember accidentally exposing a roll of film after doing a wonderful series of night shots of trees in New Westminster. Darn!

I have also used a Polaroid Spectra 2 (especially handy for those naughty photos!). In more recent years, I used my LG flip phone, since the digital output was handy for porting pictures onto this blog. And now, I use my iPhone 5s.

Though I chose technical writing instead of journalism, and haven’t written a detective novel yet, I have done a bit of cartooning and quite a lot of photography over the years. I thought it would be fun to create a page here with some of my favourite pix. Enjoy!

Some favourites

You might notice a sky theme as you look at the photos on this page. I did! (Click the pictures below to see a larger view, and then click the Back button on your browser to return to this page.)

This picture was published in the now-defunct Ripe Magazine. I submitted it for an issue called “Truth.” Even when I took the photo, in about 2001, you couldn’t get a shirt dry-cleaned for 96¢! I loved the irony, and the fact that the sign was an old-time hand-painted one.

Wade, New Zealand, 1997
Wade, New Zealand, 1997

Here’s a similar theme—a tall object on a pole against a blue sky. I took this on a trip to New Zealand in 1997. Can you guess what the object is? I was dismayed to find this American icon in New Zealand. Although 17 years after the release of The Gods Must Be Crazy, I shouldn’t have been surprised!

Ancient one
Ancient one

Here’s a pic I’ve shown you on my blog, from the women’s vision fast in Big Pine, California in September 2013. I took this pic in the Patriarch Grove in the Inyo Mountains. Some ancient bristlecone pine trees are 5,000 years old or more. They are the oldest known living beings on the planet. It was a sacred experience for me to spend time with these beings. It really put my life and myself in perspective. A tiny being amongst billions on the planet, with a lifespan of 100 years or probably less. This picture was published in Diamond Dust, a newsletter for a spiritual work school. For that publication I called it No Self.

And here are a few I’ve shot out and about in East Vancouver.

Seaspan rainbow
Tugboat rainbow
Second Narrows Bridge, aka Ironworkers Memorial Bridge
Second Narrows Bridge, aka Ironworkers Memorial Bridge. Notice the train bridge to the right of the Second Narrows is lifted for the incoming barge.