Pledge page ready for your piddly donation

Warrior oneNot that it has to be piddly. But I am hoping that 20 of my friends will pledge 50 cents a day. That means if I do yoga for all 30 days, meeting the Reach Out Challenge, your donation would be $15. (In case you didn’t read my last entry, I am doing this to raise money for Yoga Outreach.)

So please help if you can. You can make your online donation now, here. Or send me an email to kyrempel [at] gmail [dot] com with your pledge amount. I’ll let you know how I do and collect from you at the end.

A few years ago I was thinking of doing the Peacemaker Institute’s Street Retreat, living as a homeless person on the streets of Vancouver for 3 days. I thought this would be a way to find out how I am not different from the homeless people, learn to have compassion for others (instead of fear and revulsion), and overcome my fear of ending up homeless myself one day. But what prevented me from participating was the requirement to raise money as an “entry fee” by asking for donations from my friends and family. It was too hard for me to do at the time.

So I am happy to find out that I feel okay with asking now—just for 50 cents a day. I had thought of asking for $1 a day, but that was outside my comfort zone. So please, make a piddly donation if you can. Thanks!