Remarkable meditation retreat in Vancouver in May

Dan Brown is coming to Vancouver to lead a meditation retreat on May 14 – 21. His Pointing Out the Great Waygradual approach allows us to learn to meditate effectively, with step-by-step descriptions of the ways to practice, precise descriptions of the various stages and their intended realizations, and the typical problems that arise along with their remedies. Although this event is not being advertised to the general public, I’d like to let readers of my blog know about it, because I believe that for those looking for an introduction to meditation, this is a remarkable opportunity. There are still one or two spaces available. If you are interested, please call me at 604.251.6337 and I’ll give you more details.

Students and teachers of the Diamond Approach¬†have attended Dan’s retreat in the US, and one of our local DA students found it to be so valuable that she invited Dan to come here.¬† Dan co-wrote, with Ken Wilber and Jack Engler, the book Transformations in Consciousness, and he teaches an annual seminar on mahamudra meditation at the Esalen Institute. His book Pointing Out the Great Way describes his method for learning meditation. This will be the subject of the retreat.

I signed up last year, and as the date draws nearer I am very excited about this chance to receive world-class teaching right here in Vancouver. If you want to learn to be more intimate with your direct lived experience, with gentleness for yourself and others, daily meditation is a vital foundation practice. It is in the spirit of sincere good wishes for our mutual awakening that I invite you to consider participating in this retreat.

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