The back porch overlooks the creek and valley

Renting the Retreat Centre

The Monkey Valley Retreat Centre is pleased to create a rental arrangement customized to your needs, whether you are planning a private meditation retreat in nature or wish to bring a group of 30 for a yoga weekend. The remote location of the land is ideally suited to nature pursuits such as stargazing, bird watching, and winter activities such as snowshoeing and cross-country skiing.

Prices vary according to group size and whether you will be providing your own meals. Please contact us for a customized rate package.

Monkey Valley offers complete privacy


  • Winter special: log cabin rental for 1-6 people—$2,000/month or $1,250 for two weeks
  • Camping groups of 5 to 50—$20/person/day (meals excluded)
  • Summer log cabin rental for 1-6 people—$400/group/day (you do the cooking)
  • Solo camping meditation retreat—$350/week (meals included)
  • Solo camping meditation retreat—$150/week (meals excluded)
  • Solo meditation retreat with indoor accommodations—$500/week (meals included)
  • Organic meals cost $30-50/person/day.
  • Rentals provide exclusive use of the land, affording your group complete privacy.