Celebrating New York

New York glamourOn January 29, I spent the afternoon at the Museum of the City of New York. I began the trip with lunch in the museum’s cafe overlooking Central Park (which is very brown and uninspiring at the moment)–but enjoyed a tasty white bean and curried cauliflower salad–and learned that they have a weekly dance program for children with disabilities. The girl in the wheelchair loves this class–it is her favorite part of the week. So that’s the first flavor of New York.

I headed up to the top floor first, and ended up spending over an hour on the mod clothes exhibit, which shows the dramatic fashion changes during the decade of the 60s. They have clothes worn by Jackie Kennedy, Lauren Bacall, Audrey Hepburn, Twiggy, and more… With a great 60s soundtrack playing. This is the decade I was born in, so it is interesting to feel the influences of change that were in the air, transforming consciousness in New York and around the globe. Plus fun to see the amazing clothes!

The top floor also has an exhibit of photos of Martin Luther King Jr.’s activism in New York (more changes filling the decade and still percolating throughout the globe today), an extensive display on the women’s suffragette movement, right up to Hillary’s campaign, and a display of silver “then and now.” The silver display shows classic pieces and their modern equivalents created by today’s artisans. For example, an old chased serving platter shows the early subway lines in New York. The modern equivalent shows all the surveillance cameras located throughout the city. Did you see Person of Interest?

On my way out I took the stairs, and took this photo series:

New York Stairway