Water and plumbing

New water filterProspective buyers are naturally curious about the water and plumbing systems at Monkey Valley.

The water is from a crystal-clear underground spring, and is pumped up to the house from a holding tank. Underground spring water is naturally filtered by the earth. The water is also filtered for large particles before it enters the house system. The picture at the right shows the new water filter I installed in May. I have the water tested regularly to ensure it is safe for drinking, and can show you the test from May 2013.

Location of septic tank clean-outThe sewage system is the typical type used for remote properties. The sewage from the house goes to a 1,500-gallon plastic tank, and from there into a septic field. I had the tank emptied in May 2013, and the technician reported that the tank and septic field are in good condition. Another aspect of keeping the system flowing smoothly is to put Septo-Bac or a similar product into the tank (via flushing it down a toilet). This is recommended monthly to keep the bacteria in the sewage tank healthy and doing their job to break down household waste.

This picture shows the location of the septic tank clean-out aperture. The stick marks the place to dig, and the opening is located about two feet below ground level. From there the tank goes another five feet into the ground, where it is protected from freezing in the winter time.